The Archived News about Monsignor Lisante

News Posted on: 3/25/2006


Please pass this along to as many folks as possible. Maximus is representing A&E for an exciting new series which airs Easter Sunday. We want everyone in the Catholic world talking about it and tuning in. Maximus will be preparing resources for youth groups and vocations offices to use with the series as well as working with media to get this as much coverage as possible. The series has been screened and well-received by the USCCB, both the Vocations office and the Communications departments. You’ll be hearing more as the series premiere approaches. PASS IT ON! It’s a glorious opportunity for the Catholic Church. 

Many thanks!

Just when you were sure that it was unsafe to watch commercial television in prime time -- especially programming that concerns the Catholic Church -- a notable exception comes along to shatter our expectations.

Tonight, ET (Entertainment Tonight) will preview an upcoming five-part "reality" series, God or the Girl, giving viewers a glimpse into the journey of four young men contemplating the most important decision of their lives &#0151 the choice between priesthood or marriage – "God or the girl."

Though it may sound very "pop culture-ish," the docu-series -- set to premiere on the A&E Network on Easter Sunday night -- actually takes a sober and serious look at the vocations discernment process. Its portrayal of what pious young men endure in choosing a life of service to the Church versus a business career and family is truly fascinating. Moreover, the series involves young men from the orthodox Catholic group FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), which speaks to the producers' commitment to representing the Catholic priesthood honestly and respectfully. 

So be sure to tell your friends and family to catch this initial look at what promises to be a very positive and inspiring series. Go to to find what time the program airs in your local area.