The Archived News about Monsignor Lisante

News Posted on: 1/26/2007

     Our new program produced by Enlighten Productions will air nationally on PBS later this year.  It's a rare and wonderful opportunity to celebrate the faith, values and ideals of people in public life.  Though we may know about a famous person's latest movie, book CD, or political position, we don't usually learn about things like their faith and values, how they've dealt with difficult situations, or how they answer life's questions.

     The show will be hosted by Monsignor Jim Lisante, pastor of St. Thomas the Apostle Church in West Hempstead, NY, host of the annual ABC special Personally Speaking and host of the national radio show of the same name. Monsignor Lisante will be joined by longtime public television host, Lisa Jandovitz as co-host.

     The first few shows include guests, Senator John McCain, actress Catherine Hicks and baseball star Mike Piazza.

     Sid Feders has joined our team as producer. Mr. Feders is an Emmy award winning network television producer.  Some of Mr. Feders' 30 year career includes his role as executive producer of NBC News Sunday Today Show, Meet the Press and First Person with Maria Shriver.  Julie Hall has come on board as production manager with 25 years experience in network television, (NBC,CBS,HBO,Thirteen,etc.) and is responsible for our budget.

     According to a recent Newsweek poll, Americans are looking for personal experiences with God.  This show will allow viewers to be inspired, motivated and enlightened by examples of faith based successes of our guests.