The Archived News about Monsignor Lisante

News Posted on: 7/28/2008

     My name is Angela Fischetti, I run PR and Blogger Relations for an ethics-based TV program called “Close Encounter”. I wanted to connect with you on a couple fronts of mutual interest that may appeal to  you.  The mission of “Close Encounter” is to highlight the spiritual lives of notable figures. Hosts Monsignor Jim Lisante and Lisa Jandovitz are naturals at uncovering the issues and events of mainstream icons with regard to how faith & values influenced their lives.

      Our site offers exclusive video of Derek Jeter and Anne Rice, due to air soon on network television. Please feel free to view the full interviews here:


     We are currently in discussion with several national broadcast and cable networks and should confirm air-time shortly. In the meantime, we would like to extend an invitation to to share these exclusive interviews (Derek Jeter and Anne Rice) with you, our readers, as our goal is to drive early awareness of the show. We welcome your ideas and feedback as well as the feedback from your friends about the show, and builds on what we are doing. Our blog forum is updated weekly and open for comments:

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Angela Fischetti

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